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Operation system: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: $25
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Version: v2.0
Downloads: 9994

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FEATURES The airplane comes with a few aids to help you. This MD80 Series comes with a highly detailed, photorealistic 2D cockpit but currently still without a VC and unlike the Super 80 from Coolsky, with no Integrated Cockpit Training System. I just wish they would fix a few niggles with the exterior model. Herausgekommen ist ein echtes Juwel, das den Vergleich mit anderen Weltklasseprodukten aus Häusern wie A2A, FlightSimLabs oder PMDG locker besteht.


Aerolineas Argentinas McDonnell Douglas MD-88 for the Super 80 CLASSIC version only!! This reflection is also visible towards the sides and behind the eye view of the pilots.

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As expected, it is not that difficult to keep it in this bank position but pitch is really needed. Thanks to all and especially thanks to Espen for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the best DC-9 ever made! -Gianluca  The DC-9 is just divine, especially with all the training and config stuff that comes with it! -David  I am a member of many forums, and this would have to be the best. The DC-9, built by the Douglas Aircraft Company, is a twin-engine, single-aisle, short to medium range jet airliner. You must own the payware Flight1/Coolsky Super 80 Professional in order to use these textures.

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When you lower some sliders under FSX Settings, you can still have FPS of around 20 or even higher. There are only a handful of developers out there who deliver quality worth purchasing. I began having more and more crashes, until the plane would refuse to load entirely. This Super 80 has all the features that a native FSX aircraft should have.

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I find that the ICTS is a lot more useful than other external applications we use today. In general, it contains all the necessary information of the sub-panels and how you call them up. The CoolSky Training Academy holds regular training sessions around the UK and Ireland. Personally, I like those photo realistic images in the 2D version very much but FPS drop is automatically a result.

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The liveries were sharp, while also not being too clean and fresh. Textures are in normal definition quality made with McPhat paintkit. The rest of the cockpit seems to be exactly the same as it was under FS2004. This can be a bit confusing and overwhelming for the pilots just starting to fly this bird. You will find training guides for the checklists, various procedures/operations, and for some of the more complex cockpit systems.

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Sounds all very reasonable to me but more important, it is all as expected. Agree on Avsim as well, I pop over for PMDG updates et al, but other then that it's a very horrible place Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and . © 2018 reddit inc. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER Copyright ©2016 All Rights Reserved . . . The DC-9 Classic manuals are available as free downloads.

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This means regular flight plans where not stored in the Omega system, but were retrieved via the company’s database. Did you enjoy the video tutorial Stuart Ball created last week on how to startup the Super 80 Pro? IRC : freenode #upvoteva the front page of the internet. This means you’ll need to update your Coolsky aircraft in FSX:SE as well.

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This disclaimer is posted here in order to provide you with background information on the reviewer and any connections that may exist between him/her and the contributing party.  This will bring up a screen with three possible options. Preflighting this airplane is a lengthy task, albeit fun. The Coolsky VC is, apart from a few things, good and great to fly. John Patterson, Texas, USA  Charles Townsend, Illinois, USA  Stuart Ball, Greenwood, Indiana, USA   Peter Vincent, Copenhagen, Denmark  A.G.