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Developer: Videocharge
Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Limitation: Watermark on output
Operation system: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Price: $39.95
License: Free to try
Version: v2.3
Downloads: 1462

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During the start of the application, you can activate the application right away: At this point Wireshark captured the following request made by the application: resulting in the corresponding HTTP response from the server: Interesting! After the PUSHAD, the stack layout is as following: 0x61B849B6 points to the mentioned POP EDI instruction to move the value 0x61B96180 to the register and finally executes the VirtualProtect() call at 0x0080D816 …using the parameters from the stack: Achievement unlocked: Pwnage!

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VideoCharge is a shareware movie editor app filed under media converter software and made available by Videocharge software for Windows. VideoCharge allows users to produce video files with effect of 25th frame. Remember: flNewProtect needs to be 0x40 and needs to be put into EDX. The program’s installer files are generally known as vcstudio.Exe or VideoCharge Studio.Exe etc.

VideoCharge Studio

ECX = VirtualProtect() lpflOldProtect EDX= VirtualProtect() flNewProtect EBX = VirtualProtect() dwSize ESP = VirtualProtect() lpAddress EBP = VirtualProtect() call from vcstudio.Exe As ESP is always pointing to the top of the stack, this automatically solves the problem of getting the correct VirtualProtect() lpAddress value, the place where the nopsled / shellcode begins. Videocharge – processing of one or several Video, Audio, or Image files.

VideoCharge Studio

Our amazing serial numbers collection at your service. To keep track of things, I’ll use the following registers for the VirtualProtect parameters: EBP – VirtualProtect() call ESP – lpAddress EBX – dwSize EDX – flNewProtect ECX – lpflOldProtect EAX – is only used for crafting/calculations I’m going to craft the different parameters using ROP and put them accordingly into the mentioned registers. Kết nối cộng đồng công nghệ thông tin việt nam.

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Added to the site onvideocharge studio supports all existing video formats and can edit dvd or vob files. By / January 04, 2010 Videocharge Full provides an impressive collection of photo, audio, and video editing utilities. This will help you save time and accelerate the video gallery creation process. Other security features such as address space layout randomization, structured exception handler overwrite protection (SEHOP) and Mandatory Integrity Control, can be used in conjunction with DEP.[2] This simply means that the shellcode, which is placed on the stack cannot be executed, because it’s arbitrary and doesn’t belong to the applications data area.

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With VideoCharge Studio you will be able to modify your videos, crop the parts that you don’t need and in general carry out any task that you can imagine. October 21, 2016 VideoCharge Studio is a powerful and feature-packed application which offers a wide range of advanced functions and features, including video editing capabilities, thumbnail creation, adding watermarks, video-sharing website creation, quality enhancement by using various filters, batch processing, batch video editing, and much more. VideoCharge includes a complete Help system and Wizard, which makes your work with VideoCharge simpler, even if you don’t have special knowledge!

Videocharge Full

The HTTP responses of the website are parsed using the following function from cc.Dll: This function reads the contents of the response page using an InternetReadFile() call with dwNumberOfBytesToRead set to 745 bytes. Thanks to Immunity Debugger’s memory view, you can easily select a random address which has to be writable: I’ve chosen one from zlib1.Dll resources section (0x61B96180). The result is amazing: Now EDI contains 0x0080D816 – the targeted VirtualProtect() call!